Angie (aiela) wrote in ljbowlingleague,

Scores, and a milestone!

Finally got out to go bowling today.  (Yay for half-empty bowling alleys on holidays.)  I did pretty horrible in the first game - at four frames I had a whopping 8 pins.  I managed to salvage the game, however, and ended up right on my average, a 78.

Second game I passed my record of 95, and blew past my goal of having a 100 point game to finish with a 106.  Pathetic, I know, but it's taken me a really long time to get here.  Been bowling since ... January?

Third game I came out with a 83, which I was happy with.  If I could more consistently stay above 80 I'd be happier.

So, 78-106-83 for March.  I really hope I get to bowl more often next month.
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