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ljbowlingleague's Journal

The LiveJournal Bowling League
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aiela and davehogg are starting a bowling league for all their LJ friends. Here's how it will work. If you know your bowling average, let us know what it is. Otherwise, you have until the end of February to bowl a few games and find out what your average is.

The first "round" will start on March 1 and go through March 31. During that month, all you have to do is bowl at least 2 games. You can bowl more if you like, but it has to be at least two. When you bowl, post your scores to the community that we will set up, and you will be eligible for the monthly prizes:
  1. Best single game (compared to average)
  2. Best monthly average (compared to starting average)
Let's say I start March with an average of 110 and bowl six games for an average of 113 with a high of 158. My best game would be +48 and my monthly average would be +3.

(the other possibility is to do everything on a percentage of the average - so my 158 would be a +43.7% and my 113 would be a +2.7%. That would be more fair to people with lower averages, but may be hopelessly geeky.)

At the end of March, we will recompute everyone's averages and start the April round.

There will also be a team competition. Each four-person team (and you can live all around the world and still be a team) will get a score by summing their monthly average scores. So four of me would have a +12 (4*3).

So what are the prizes? Well, of course, you will first earn the People's Ovation and fame forever. After that, it depends on what prizes get donated. I'll start out by offering an 8x10" print of any of my photographs to the winner of the March monthly average contest.

I think this can be a lot of fun - even if we are spread out around the world, we can put together small local groups for "league nights", and you can team up with friends that you've never met! Also, by linking everything to our averages, people that bowl 20 can compete with those who bowl 180.

So if you are interested, join the community and let us know you are here! And pass the word around!